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this game is fuck

good nice

hahaahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahha ha ...


Ehh like it?


Baldi looks cool no kidding but cool



suhhhhhhpppppppp noobs

i never play it




i like the game becue i like  horror game



yo mama so ugly people thought she was jason

Wth ._.


so cool mod I love any slender game!!!!! and I find 8/8 pages but I died by baldi


you always die once you get the eigth page


how to download it on mac

It's a game only playable on Windows.

THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER but one thing when i tried it the mod didn't work the grass wasnt the sweep and there was slender not slender baldi can you fix dis plz

Could you add support for mac?

how to run it on Mac

You can't, it's only for Windows.

I had to rely on all my Slender knowledge, but even that I was tortured by Baldi and couldn't find more than 6/8 pages. Great mod, thanks a lot.

same i can not play I followed every step in the Tutorial Video and it still wont work. Why?


This was a very nice mod and I enjoyed it. I couldn't beat it, but I will be back!

The mod doesn't work for me, I followed every step in the Tutorial Video but It's just shows as the Original Slender Game

Ever since you showed me Baldi’s BASICS I’ve been waiting for someone to make a mod like this. Of course you’d be the person to do it. I had a lot of fun with this challenge and it was indeed difficult to pull off. I have a TON of respect for you for making a Baldi’s mod of a game with similar difficulty. Hopefully all future Baldi’s mods and fan-games hold true to that. This was a fantastic idea and I hope it gets all the exposure that it deserves. Thanks for modding this, man!

This was a really well put together Mod! I enjoyed how it felt extra scary compared to Baldi's but still had that Bali charm! Very well done! 

This took me back to the 2012 days where Slender had flooded everything :P
I actually wanted to revisit the game lately, but I kept postponing it. Well that changed when I stumbled upon your mod . Combining Baldi's Basics with Slender is such a wonderful idea, since both games are kinda the same gameplay wise. I really enjoyed the mod, even though it is actually Slender with a couple of changes.
PS. The broom as grass was a really nice touch xD

I want to make it as bright as it appears in the video.
Is there a way?

This video should help with that.

thank you!!